Practical Details

Photo: Mike gathers Gerry's group together .. above Ullswater 

What do I need?




We walk on the high fells and expect that members are reasonably fit and active. Weather conditions on the fells are often very different to those in the valley and walkers should be prepared for the weather to change rapidly, and should carry spare warm clothing.


The following items are essential:


·        Walking trousers (Not denim) Convertible trousers are good for summer

·        Windproof and waterproof jacket

·        Waterproof over-trousers

·        Shirt - fleece is better for winter

·        Fleece jacket - (better than a pullover)

·        Gloves or mitts

·        Thick socks

·        Hat or balaclava

·        Boots - lightweight boots or fell running shoes are adequate in summer, but in winter heavier boots are better to keep your feet warm and provide more effective grip.


& Don’t forget


            ……… your packed lunch and a drink !

            .......... wear your boots on the coach on the way out - it saves time when starting the walk !


            ……….and a change of clothes and footwear in case the walk turns out wet.
                                    They can be quite safely left on the coach


For the safety of the whole party you should have the correct gear, and leaders are justified in insisting on it.



& on the way home


For the comfort and safety of the members, dirty boots, ice axes, crampons and bulky gear are not allowed on the coach 

and should be placed in the coach lockers. 


Any wet items and boots MUST be sensibly bagged and stored to avoid any discomfort to others.


For safety reasons the gangway must be kept clear at all times


We regret that neither dogs nor radios are allowed on the walks.

It's great on a Summer's day......
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