Walks and Transport

We publish a calendar of walks for the year.
Click here for Walk Calendar for 2018


On the coach....
...leaders will send a card round with details of their planned routes,
–  the distance, total height, level of difficulty and times of return etc. 
From these cards you will be able to choose a walk to suit your inclination and expertise.
You can then decide which walk you would like to join.


For your first few walks it's a good idea to speak to the leader or

some other member before you decide which walk will be best for you.


Most leaders aim to get back to the coach in time for a drink or some light refreshment

before the return journey.



How do we join ?


Just ring the Membership Secretary Ian Eckersley (01704 808635 - Mob 07854156543)

or the Transport Secretary Stuart Gawne (01704 840777).


They will ask about any past walking experience you have and make

sure you know what you are letting yourself in for! And then invite

you to join one of the walks without committing yourself to joining the club.


The annual subscripton is £10 payable on the 1st September. If you

decide to join, then you can pay your subscription on the coach when you pay your fare

or send it directly to the Treasurer: Mike Birkby (01704 568861)
Children above the age of ten to sixteen are allowed on the coach when accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for the conduct and well-being of the child throughout the day.


How do we book for a walk ?


You can either book for the next walk on the coach or by ringing the
Transport Secretary Stuart Gawne (01704 840777) after 9.00am the following Monday.


The coach fare is currently £10 and if you book a seat you must pay for it, whether you can attend or not.

The Transport Secretary operates a waiting list with priority given to members who were unable to get on the coach on the previous walk.


Priority is also given to existing members over first time walkers.


The Transport Secretary books a second coach whenever numbers and finance permit it,
and this happens often during winter months.

Photo: ..Gerry leads up Deepdale Hause..

How do we know where we are going ?


You can check on the Calendar of Walks.
All Members are issued with a Membership Card and a Walk Programme Card
which gives the details of all the venues for the year, with the times and pick up points for each.
The coach routes for the subsequent two or three walks are circulated on the coach and on the Blog  for those wishing to plan ahead.


You are welcome to come on two walks before you decide whether or not to join.


Club Membership is £10.00 per year (due on 1st September)



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