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        Membership Renewal

Your membership subscription for next year 2014-15 was due in September!

You can pay on the coach or get in touch with Ian Eckersley (01704 808635)

Remember that after the AGM Stuart cannot take your coach booking unless you pay your subscription.

AGM October 2014

There was a very encouraging turnout of members to support the Committee’s work in ensuring the smooth running of the club over the last year.

The current committee was re-elected with the exception of Social Secretary. Regrettably Anne Corbishley has resigned for personal reasons. 

She has been a very successful and popular secretary and we will miss her lively and imaginative input. 

The time of departure after walks during winter months was discussed, but after an informal vote it was decided to leave the timetable as printed and the committee would monitor it during the year.

Gerry Harrison, Chairman, gave his usual brief and lighted hearted resume of the club’s walks and activities over the year with appreciative thanks to various members.

After a short break Alan Williams presented a fascinating slide show illustrating his recent expedition to the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.


The Ramblers Walking Partnership

The club continues to belong to this organisation which is supported by Ramblers World Wide Holidays. The Partnership provides direct financial aid to local walking groups to help organising walks, improving the rambling facilities of the area and generally encouraging walking. 

Check out the details on their website - http://www.ramblersholidays.co.uk/page/thewalkingpartnershi

History of the Club – ‘High Fells and High Hopes’ by Harold Brough

Do you know the real history and gossip of this club? Why not read it all in Harold Brough’s entertaining and informative history ‘High Fells and High Hopes’. Harold has been a regular and popular walker with the club for many years. He is a knowledgeable writer who frequently contributes articles to many north western publications covering a wide range of local issues. His delightful whimsical style and keen sense of humour make this book an entertaining read.

The book It is a limited edition and there are just a few copies left – you can even get them dedicated and signed by Harold himself - he hopes to be with us at the Christmas meal.