23 May 2022 COVID Safety Update
Walkers are required to have been vaccinated.


28 November 2021 - Church Stretton *** NEW ***
A weekend has been arranged in Church Stretton, Shropshire, for 28/31 October 2022.
Further details

AGM 2021

Wednesday night (27th Oct) we held our AGM. I know some of you attended and were part of the discussion regarding the way forward for our wonderful club.

Our walks haven't been attended as well as the committee had hoped, and with an average of 31 members on the coach, it is not enough and we can't sustain the loss indefinitely.

After the AGM, the committee stayed behind to discuss the best way forward. We took on board the thoughts and ideas from those who attended, and of course with the financial situation being at the forefront, a decision had to be made.

The following decisions have been therefore agreed on:

Fares will increase to £15 with immediate effect, and below is the plan showing outings until the end of this year, and up to the first outing in the New Year.

Please note some changes (especially leaders)

7th November Malham via Kettlewell

21st November Limefitt park

5th December is now Hebden Bridge to Haworth. (Please note that there will be no Christmas Meal this year, interest shown was not sufficient)

4 week break over the Christmas period

2nd January 2022 is now Ingleton (Changed from Llangollen)

It is then likely to be every 4 weeks until things pick up.

What we really do need is more members to come out walking, before we can even consider going back to fortnightly outings.

Next year's calendar is not going to print until early next year, this will give time for us to know how things are going. The committee will have another review and maybe other members who have not as yet come out, will be ready to join us.

In response to the very recent publicity articles, we have received a number of inquiries and submissions of application forms, hopefully we will have an influx of new members.

Best regards

Ele Gawne. On behalf of the committee.

AGM 2020

The 2020 AGM was cancelled due to the Pandemic but the Chairman, Mr Gerry Harrison has periodically kept in touch through the Secretary with news emails.

The Blog continues at two or three monthly intervals showing that members continue to walk, mostly locally and within the current Covid regulations.

The Ramblers Walking Partnership

The club continues to belong to this organisation which is supported by Ramblers World Wide Holidays. The Partnership provides direct financial aid to local walking groups to help organising walks, improving the rambling facilities of the area and generally encouraging walking.

Check out the details on their website:

There are a number of Club Members who occasionally use this organisation and are very happy with the service. If you are interested you could ask them for further details.

50th Anniversary

On Saturday the 5th October members came togather to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Club.

It was a splendid and happy cccasion when 90 present members and their partners were piped in to the restaurant at the Bold Hotael by Mr Frank McNally to enjoy the celebration dinner. Congratulations and thenks must go to Eleanor who so successfully organised the occasion, to Gerry who Chaired the evening and to Frank who surprised us all!

All the photographs are on the Blog

History of the Club – ‘High Fells and High Hopes’ by Harold Brough

Why not find out a bit more about the Club by reading Harold Brough’s entertaining and informative history ‘High Fells and High Hopes’. Harold has been a regular and popular walker with the club for many years. He is a knowledgeable writer who frequently contributes articles to many north western publications covering a wide range of local issues. His delightful whimsical style and keen sense of humour make this book an entertaining read.

The book It is a limited edition and there are very few copies left – you can even get them dedicated and signed by Harold himself.